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Shaping of The Seed: The Ancient Wisdom of Garbh Sanskaar Kindle Edition

By Bhawana Somaaya English

Creation of human life is a magical experience...

The child begins absorbing, learning from his/her surroundings as a foetus. Everything that happens to the mother during the nine months of pregnancy directly or indirectly affects the baby’s mental, intellectual and spiritual growth and their persona is a sum total of their experiences – absorbed while inside their mother’s womb and while growing up.
It is researched that millions of new mind-cells develop every moment inside the womb of a mother and if they are not immediately directed to the outer world, these cells become dormant
Therefore, it is imperative that pregnant women are enlightened on the subject of Garbh Sanskaar/Shaping of the Seed
Mother creates life and that life creates another life and the universe continues

Raising me was a tapasya for my mother Jaya Chakravarthi and when I became a mother I wanted to do same for my children-HEMA MALINI

There has to be bonding before birth because I sensed mama before I was born. Hope my daughters will feel the same about me too– ESHA DEOL

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