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Talking Cinema Kindle Edition

By Bhawana Somaaya English

Talking Cinema: Conversations With Actors & Directors,takes a look into the reel lives of film personalities. This book tries to answer questions about how actors prepare themselves for specific roles, and what is their intellectual and emotional state of mind. The author has documented conversations with some of the film industry s most famous stars. It provides an insider s view and insight, and makes readers understand that movies are beyond designer clothes, makeup and glycerine teardrops. Talking Cinema: Conversations With Actors & Directors is divided into four sections. An Actor Prepares focuses on how a performer readies himself or herself for a role. Character Speak is the second section, and takes a look at the research that has gone into developing some of the most critically acclaimed characters that have appeared on Indian movie screens. The next portion of this book shifts its focus away from the performers, and deals with filmmakers. Directors Cut takes a peek into the mind of such personalities. The Specialists is the final section of Talking Cinema: Conversations With Actors & Directors. The author tries to analyze why a director or actor associate themselves with a particular genre of films or characters. Further, readers have the opportunity to figure out how similar or dissimilar these roles or themes really are. Talking Cinema: Conversations With Actors & Directors introduces readers to the efforts and skills that are required in order to make a movie.

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